Brew Review: Rodenbach Grand Cru

Brew Review: Rodenbach Grand Cru

The Belgium brewery, Rodenbach, is entirely devoted to making one particular, very different type of beer. It’s not a lager or a pilsner and it is by no means an “easy drinker”.

The flavour can be described as almost “winey” with a tart acidity. This is due to the way the beer is aged: Not in your conventional casks, kegs or barrels, but in huge wooden tuns that are as high as the halls that they stand.


So you may have noticed the "Sour" label next to some of our tap beers. Sour beer? "huh?" you may say, but these beers have intentionally acidic, tart, sour tastes.    

"Sour" is a broad term for beers that have a funky/barnyard or other characteristics not generally found in beer. 

Yeast or bacteria (similar to those found in yoghurt) intruding into the brewing process produces pleasingly sour, food-friendly beer, that is mysteriously complex and engaging.  

The temperature at which the beer is fermented and then stored will then play a large role in determining how quickly the aromas, flavours and acidity develop.  

At Forester's Hall we have our fair share of sours, so come down and ask one of our staff for a try, you may just love it!