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Is Pizza Making Getting out of Hand

Fanaticism surrounding the sanctity of the Neapolitan pizza, better known as the Margherita in Australia, has reached new heights in recent years. Chefs around the world have been known to spend tens of thousands of dollars on specialty pizza ovens in order to achieve international “Vera Pizza Napoletana certification”.

Last year one particular pizza chef from New York bragged that he had dropped $25,000 on a wood-burning pizza oven that had bricks made from the ashes of Mount Vesuvius to try and recreate the “traditional taste”.

In Los Angeles, some other pizza lovers have been paying $1,650 for three-day courses on how to “slap” dough and grind plum tomatoes to make the perfect traditional margherita.

At Forester’s Hall, we don’t care so much for all this pizza snobbery. We’re just concerned about making the best and most delicious pizza we can. We also don’t care so much for sleep: We make pizza for the good people of Collingwood and surrounds till 2AM every night.

So give us a call, order a take away and grab one of Collingwood's finest pizzas at home or enjoy it with us in the Hall!

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