The Worlds Oldest Brewery...

Weihenstephaner Brewery can be found in the Bavarian beer-drinking heartland, about a half-hour drive from the Oktoberfest hub in Munich. 

There, in the beautiful town of Freising, brewers have been hard at work since 1044, when Benedictine monks at the Weihenstephan monastery decided they needed something to wet their whistle after a hard day at the office.

Although the brewery makes several classic German styles, including a helles (light-coloured) lager, a dunkel (dark) lager, and a doppelbock (a strong, malty brew), it's best known for its Hefeweissbier. 

This traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer has an amazing golden hue and hints of clove and banana in its aroma and taste. These are classic features of Bavarian wheat beers, and come from the brewery's yeast strain, which it has been using since the 1980s. There's also some tartness that comes through, thanks to the wheat. 

Come and try some of Weihenstephaner’s finest beer and learn even more about the art of German brewing from 7PM during our Oktoberfest celebrations.