imperial stout

The Best Beers in the World

We know not everyone will agree with this list but we’re going to use it anyway! 

So here they are, based on hundreds of beer-fanatic’s reviews on Rate Beer... The 5 best beers in the world. 

5. Toppling Goliath - Mornin’ Delight 

Basically pancakes and stout all rolled into one. Hailing from USA, this is a strong, Russian Imperial Stout made with maple syrup . 

4. Russian River - Pliny the Younger 

Pliny the Younger is a hop explosion. hopped three times more than their standard IPA, and dry hopped four different times, this is a hop-head’s dream. 

3. Cigar City - Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout 

Stout aged on Peruvian cacao nibs, ancho and pasilla chiles, cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans aged in apple brandy and rum barrels before being blended together. 

2. Toppling Goliath - Kentucky Brunch

Another one from Toppling Goliath and another very strong imperial stout for the list. Aged with whisky barrels and a heap of coffee 

1. Westvleteren - 12 (XII) 

Not only is this widely renowned for being the best beer in the world, its also very rare (and expensive) Westvleteren has the smallest output of the Trappist breweries. If you can get your hands on one of these, snap it up and bring it in to share with us!


Battle to Brew the Strongest Beer

After knocking back a few 11+% imperial stouts and Triple IPAs we got thinking, just how strong do beers get? It turns out that in the last few years, there has been a fierce battle raging between a few renegade brewers: The battle to brew the strongest beer

In 2008, German brewer Schorschbraeu was awarded a world record for the world's strongest beer and hence was one of the very first breweries to be recognised for their high alcohol brews. This traditional Eisbock clocked in at a modest 31% ABV.

It was this event that grabbed the attention of the lads from Brewdog over in Scotland. Renowned for their clever marketing strategies and creativity, they decided to rise to the challenge. The result was the 2009, 32% imperial stout known as Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

Since most brewing yeasts can't survive at such high alcohol levels, brewers have to get imaginative with their brewing techniques, using different yeast strains and freezing cold temperatures to make their brews stronger and stronger. 

Brewing such a strong beer in an otherwise quite conservative beer market gained Brewdog an awful lot of media attention and a lot of it was negative. In typical Brewdog fashion they hit back by creating a 0.5% ABV “worlds weakest beer”, cheekily naming it “Nanny State”.

For years, Schorschbraeu and Brewdog continued to go punch for punch: 40% led to 41% then 44%, until Brewdog released “The End of History”.

Packaged inside real roadkill (yes, you pour the beer from actual dead squirrels) “The End of History” clocked in at a staggering 55% ABV. At $780 a bottle, the beer containing hints of juniper berries, mead, and nettles is also the most expensive.