Funny Beer Business in New Zealand

So, what do we know about New Zealand? The people speak funny, Lord of the Rings was filmed there and they’re pretty good at rugby. 

What fewer people realise is that there is also a booming craft beer scene and some pretty incredible hop varieties being grown down there too...

Garage Project is a particularly interesting and somewhat wacky little brewery based in Wellington. The two guys behind the business are Jos Ruffell and Pete Gillespie, friends who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of brewing to the limit.

Their "Death From Above" is a self proclaimed “Indochine Pale Ale”. It uses aggressive, high citrus character hops and then adds mango, chilli, Vietnamese mint and lime juice. All the ingredients you’d expect to find in beer, right?

Prefer something with a bit more of a local flavour? How about ANZAC biscuits? The "Pan Pacific" is brewed with golden syrup, oats, toasted coconut and a combination of New Zealand Motueka and Australian Galaxy hops.

The most absurd of all could be the “Umami Monster”. It uses sea water, seaweed and fermented fish to create a monster of dark savoury smoke and rich umami complexity.

If all this is appetising to you, watch this space because Forester’s Hall might just have a bit of a surprise waiting around the corner.