Crafty Spirits

Whether it be whisky from Queensland, sloe gin from Tasmania or rum from WA, more and more people are discovering the new and interesting artisan liquors made here in Aus.

Boutique, hand-crafted local spirits are definitely worth your time and effort to seek out. The craftsmanship is second to none, and some of the gentle tweaks of technique used to introduce a modern Australian twist to small-batch spirit production are making waves both here and overseas.

At Forester’s Hall, we love supporting our local producers and we especially love drinking their delicious product. So, without saying too much, we’ll be hosting our first craft spirit event later in January. It will feature some particularly amazing Victorian and inter-state distilleries plus all sorts of other fun.

Here’s a taste of what’s to expect…

Four Pillars Gin

Produced in the Yarra Valley in very limited batches, this gin captures the flavours of both Asia and the Mediterranean with a mix of local and exotic.

Starward Whisky

Victorian barley is sourced to begin the bespoke process which ends up being aged Australian Apera casks. All of which help create a Whisky of smoothness, sweetness and unparalleled complexity.

666 Vodka

crafted in Tasmania from local Barley and Cape Grim water, believe us when we say there is no purer Vodka on the market. 

Introducing... The Delmont IPA from Mt Goat.

A very special keg release this Friday night at Forester's Hall, with only a handful throughout the country, the Delmont IPA will surely be one for the history books.

Named after one of the great characters and all round nice guys of the Australian Craft Beer industry, Mountain Goat's own, Tommy Delmont.

This 7% West Coast style IPA is big, dry and very drinkable, much like Tommy himself.

It lies within the vain of some of the great West Coast IPA's such as the unmissable Ballast Points Sculpin IPA and Russian Rivers Pliny The Elder.

Join the man himself, big Tommy D, between 6-7pm when he jumps behind the bar to have a chat and pours you some of his very own beer.