attic dive

Picklebacks Anyone?

If you’ve managed to find our little upstairs dive bar, Woody’s Fine Liquor, you might have noticed a few strange drinks being served to some particularly unruly customers. What was that coloured liquid that people were chasing their shots with? And since when did shots get served with pickles!?

We give you… The Pickleback: a shot of whiskey, quickly chased by a shot of pickle brine. The basic idea is that the brine works to offset the taste of the whiskey and the burn of the alcohol.

It is fabled that this bizarre practice was born in Brooklyn, USA. Reggie Cunningham, the father of picklebacks, originally used Old Crow bourbon and an accompanying shot of brine from a jar of McClure’s spicy dills. It was shockingly good. Not the Old Crow part, exactly, but the pickle brine, which washed that away, leaving a snappy, savoury tang that curled about the last remnants of the smoky bourbon.

Here at Forester’s Hall, we make our pickle brine in house. We’ve gone slightly overboard and decided to offer no less than 8 jars of pickly goodness upstairs at Woody’s Fine Liquor. They have been artfully created in our laboratory and have undergone rigorous taste testing (whisky included). Think Apple and cinnamon, lemongrass and chilli, Watermelon and mint, Beetroot and many others to come. We also proudly serve the original pickleback with imported McClure’s pickles and Old Crow Bourbon.

So in summary…

  1. Find Woody’s Fine Liquor, upstairs at Forester’s Hall on Friday and Saturday nights
  2. Ask for a pickleback at the bar
  3. Do the pickleback
  4. Repeat