Stone Brewing is Coming

For those who are unacquainted with Stone Brewing Company, let us give you a bit of a rundown: It’s the Largest brewery in Southern California, the tenth largest craft brewery in America and (according to Beer Advocate) is the #1 all-time top brewery on the planet!

To many, Stone is the forefather of the modern craft beer movement. Few people are as enthusiastic about craft beer as the CEO and co-founder - Greg Koch, who has committed his life to preaching beery gospel around the world.

After opening in 1996, the brewery churned out their first brew: the Stone Pale Ale, which is still considered to be an all time classic. Since this time, they’ve gotten pretty experimental with their hops, their alcohol content and their late additions (think rose hip, kaffir lime leaves and New Mexico chillies)

Hopefully you can understand why we are literally buzzing with excitement at the news that that Stone Brewing will be launching in Australia… at Forester’s Hall.

Mitch Steele, the head brewer of Stone is coming to Forester's Hall with five, super fresh, cold-airfreighted kegs of his finest brews.

Join us on this momentous occasion for delicious beer, North American rock, Californian cuisine (house made tacos and pizza) and of course, some of the best beer in the world.

Beers on offer include:
- Stone IPA
- Sublimey Self Righteous
- Arrogant Bastard
- Go To IPA
- Stone Delicious

You can also grab a VIP ticket to meet Mitch Steele and partake in an intimate tasting and education session at 6:30PM


Stone beers will be available to the general public for purchase by the pot after 10PM